I’m Richard Mochor. My passion is for total customer experience design. Designing websites, customer journeys, business strategies and processes to fulfill function and aesthetics, listening to the customer voice and using it to drive fact-based design and content decisions that meet business goals and objectives.

I am a East Midlands based multichannel marketer and web designer specialising in website design, content and development, usability, user experience, accessibility, business analytics and user research consulting and testing, delivering a seamless customer experience across websites, mobile, stores and other channels.

I have held roles as a web developer, web design manager and was previously Customer Experience Manager at Jessops, managing and working with my team of content managers and designers on Jessops’ successful online channels.

Designing around customer experience will help you achieve better results in your business. These are the key strategic objectives that will contribute to delivering a superior customer experience;

  1. Actively engage your customers at every point of their interaction with your channels – give it a personal touch.
  2. Create moments of opportunity by allowing your customers to voice their ideas, opinions, advocacy and complaints – telling you how they feel.
  3. Make all of your communications convenient and relevant throughout the entire customer journey.
  4. Across each channel the customer must see the exact same underlying message about your brand and its values.
  5. Empower all your employees and allow them to understand and associate with the customer – a good customer experience starts and ends with each of you.
  6. Measure customer interactions and experiences. Use the customer voice to gain these actionable insights, proving and showing that customers are important to your brand.
  7. Be transparent with the customer at all time about the information you are gathering and how you can use it to their ultimate benefit.
  8. If you have a physical high-street presence use your website to add value or innovate with technology to provide a richer customer experience in-store.

I would not pretend to say that each of these is either easy or has even been achieved as yet but my belief is that this is certainly what we should aspire to do in order to deliver a superior customer experience.